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Transform your body from the comfort of your living room


Why SmartWorkout is Right For You?


  • A considerable time saver : You have a busy life and can't always dedicate hours to exercise ? SmartWorkout allows you to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine thanks to the precious time saved by home workouts: no more trips to the gym, traffic, or the subway !

  • A complete workout : SmartWorkout allows you to target all muscle groups and engage your deep muscles more effectively. With this muscle strengthening and the ability to perform short but intense sessions, you can not only sculpt a athletic physique but also reduce your body fat.
    • Continuous support : Whether it's during your initial uses or throughout your workouts, the SmartWorkout app will accompany you throughout your evolution. On the agenda: an exercise library, live sessions, training programs, and tracking of your progress.

    Visible and Long-Lasting Results


    What distinguishes SmartWorkout from traditional elastics and resistance bands?
    1. QUALITY : 

    Top quality for guaranteed safety

    Concerned with offering long-lasting equipment that poses no risk during its use, we have decided to invest in high-quality materials rather than compromising on price. Natural latex, stainless steel, and a fabric lining are elements that we have chosen to provide you with superior quality sports equipment.
    2. PROGRESS : 

    An adjustable resistance in increments of 5 kg.

    The SmartWorkout Elite includes 7 resistance bands that you can combine as you wish to achieve different levels of resistance. The least resistant band has a force of 5 kg: therefore, you can replicate any level of resistance from 5 to 120 kg, in 5 kg increments. This flexibility allows you to start gently and progress quickly on each muscle group.
    Are you unsure about the level of resistance to use? Don't worry: we recommend a resistance level suitable for your level in all our programs.

    The SmartWorkout bar for visible results

    Our training bar enables you to perfectly reproduce classic bodybuilding exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and bench presses.
    It's the essential tool for strengthening your legs, just as if you had a barbell with weights. The big difference is that it doesn't take up any space: you can store it easily and take it with you wherever you go.
    4. CLOSE TO YOU :

    A team of training experts and enthusiasts at your side

    Whether it's during your purchasing process or during your initial workouts, we're here to support you throughout your transformation and ensure that we address all your questions on the same day. Our location in Europe also enables us to :
  • Offer delivery within 2 to 3 business days.
  • Provide a reliable and lifetime warranty system.
  • Constantly innovate with new content and programs.
  • FAQ

    For more information, check out our complete FAQ here.