Strong & Beautiful : Resistance Band Workout Plan For Weight Loss and Body Tone

Resistance band workout can be a powerful and beneficial way to tone your body. The Strong & Beautiful program is specifically designed to help you lose weight, slim down, and get toned while using elastic bands for resistance. Not only will the exercises provide an effective workout, but they are also low-impact and easy on your joints! 

Resistance band workout for weight lose

Who is the Strong & Beautiful strength training program for? 

This program is for those who want to slim down, lose weight and tone up, while focusing on the lower body. Unlike other weight training programs, it contains a HIIT session and ab exercises with resistance bands.

If your goal is muscle volume and mass gain with elastics, we recommend our two hypertrophy programs SmartGains and Express Program.

Program overview

Program length

The program lasts 6 weeks with 5 sessions per week of approximately 45 minutes.

The Split method

This program is based on the Split method: one to two muscle groups are solicited during each session. Each week includes :

  • 2 lower body sessions: Legs & Buttocks
  • 2 upper body sessions: Arms & Shoulders; Pecs & Back
  • 1HIIT et abs session.

This program focuses more on the legs since this is the only muscle group that is worked twice a week.

Regular training and the addition of a HIT session will stimulate your metabolism to burn a maximum of calories with elastic bands.

The equipment

The entire SmartWorkout Elite gym equipment is required to perform this program.
The resistance bands bar is essential for performing lunges and squats with resistance bands; the ankle straps are used for gluteal isolation exercises; and the door anchor is often used for back exercises with elastics.

In addition, you'll need a chair or couch for Bulgarian lunges and the Hip Thrust.

The 45 kg extensions can be useful for the Hip Thrust, as it is a gluteal exercise where a high load can be used, even with weight training elastics.

resistance bands set SmartWorkout


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