Train wherever you are with the Anywhere Anchor and your Resistance Bands set

No more doors are needed to replicate a real pulley with your resistance bands thanks to the anywhere anchor!

The Anywhere Anchor can be fixed around any supports such as posts, bars or fencing. Covered with a soft neoprene fabric, it allows you to block your resistance bands without damaging them in order to replicate a real pulley wherever you are.

It supports up to 100 kg of resistance (compared to 70 kg for the door anchor). 

The Advantages of the Anywhere Anchor 

  • The anywhere anchor protects your resistance bands from rough or sharp surfaces and allows you to workout anywhere.
    Previously, it was only possible to block the elastic bands with the door anchor (which requires a door) or its feet, as the rough surface of the posts can corrode the bands and the sharp angle of the fences can put a hole in them. We have developed the anywhere anchor to solve this problem and allow you to do rowing or press with resistance bands even without a door.

  • It provides a stable anchor point. Without an anchor, the resistance bands may slide on a pole, making it impossible to perform a rowing properly.

  • Compared to the traditional door anchor, it supports a higher resistance (100 kg vs. 70 kg); it is easier to set up ; and its manipulation is quicker (for example, changing from a low to a medium or high pulley).

Easy to use

Anywhere anchor for resistance bands

STEP 1 :
Wrap the anywhere anchor around your desired support (post, bar, etc).

Resistance bands accessoire

Pass the tip of the anchor (where the protective fabric is sewn) through the small loop.

Bloquage pour élastique de musculation

Pull the end towards you so that the loop tightens around the bracket.

Resistance bands anchor

Pass the elastic bands through the loop thus formed.