Replicate a real pulley with your resistance band set

Get a real pulley at home with the SmartWorkout door anchor.

Our door anchor XL is padded with a soft neoprene fabric to lock in the resistance tubes without weakening them. With a diameter of 7 cm, it supports up to 120 kg of resistance.

Anchor Door for resistance bands

The door anchor can be blocked at the bottom, middle or top of the door to replicate a low, medium or high pulley. It is an indispensable accessory for working out your chest or back with elastic bands.

When using the door anchor, we recommend that you always lock your door, or position yourself in the opposite direction of the door opening, to train safely.

Please note that a standard door anchor is already included in the SmartWorkout Elite and SmartWorkout Pro resistance bands sets. The purchase of a second door anchor is not mandatory, but makes it easier to perform symmetrical exercises or to sequence different exercises more quickly. The door anchor XL also allows you to use a higher resistance than the anchor included in the SmartWorkout Elite set.