The SmartWorkout App, the first App designed specifically for Resistance Band Workouts

Elastic bands workout app SmartWorkout

SmartWorkout Elite equipment and weight training elastics, also known as resistance bands, are great tools to use for strength training. But what better way to stay motivated and build muscle than by following a training plan?
That’s why we have developed the SmartWorkout – App : whether you’re at home, away on vacation, or even outdoors, the SmartWorkout app gives you access to three unique programs: hypertrophy, express sessions, and muscle strengthening.

Content and Features

3 Workout Routines with Resistance Bands

The programs are easy to follow: each week is divided into several sessions with, for each exercise, the number of sets and the number of repetitions to be performed as well as a demonstration video.
Once you have finished a session: indicate that you have completed it to track your progress.
It is possible to download the elastic bands workouts in advance so that you can access them anywhere, even without a stable Internet connection.

Exercises Library with Bands

If you don't know where to start, a library of over 50 resistance bands exercises is available on the application.
It is divided by muscle group for easy navigation.
Each exercise is illustrated by a demonstration video, below, the specificities of the SmartWorkout equipment and the resistance bar are explained.

Performance Tracking

Once your session is completed, enter the resistance level you used for each exercise in the tracking tab and thus track your performance easily.
Tracking your performance is essential for forcing yourself to increase your workloads, and therefore to progress and build muscle with resistance bands.
Join the SmartWorkout App - It's FREE!

Create your account to enjoy all the features of the app for FREE*

If you ordered the SmartWorkout resistance bands equipment, you can download the SmartWorkout - ENG app and access the exercises library and the two SmartWorkout workout programs for FREE.
We recommend to create an account to unlock all the features as performance and progress tracking, which is also free!

*Except for the third strength training program SmartGains - it requires a one-time payment of €5 to unlock it!

Want to go further? Try the SmartGains program

SmartGains, a 9-week program designed to help you maximize muscle growth with resistance bands, is structured according to a "push / pull / legs" format with 5 workouts per week and three cycles to optimize growth. The first cycle focuses on long sets with medium resistance while the last cycle emphasizes short sets with heavy resistance.

If this program interests you, you can purchase it directly from the app for a one-time fee of €5.00.

How to use the app to maximize your muscle gain with elastic bands?

1. Download the app and create an account

To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "SmartWorkout - ENG", then download the app for free.

While creating an account is not required, we recommend creating an account in the "Log in" tab to unlock the tracking feature before you start your fitness routine with resistance bands.
Once you have created your account, go to the "Home" tab, and unlock the free content by pressing the "UNLOCK NOW" button below "Free Content".
The "Tracking" tab is now available!

2. Training

Once you have created your account and joined the free plan, using the application is simple.
Just select the desired session in the "Training" tab and follow the instructions. At the end of a session, you can press the "COMPLETE" button to indicate that the session is complete and to easily track your progress.

3. Performance Tracking

To follow your progress with elastic bands, use our performance tracker in the Tracking tab.
Select an exercise and click the + button at the bottom right of the screen. Enter the resistance next to "Check-In", make sure the date matches the date you worked out, and then press the ✓ sign at the bottom of the screen. You can add a note if you wish, for example to indicate the level of difficulty felt.